• “Weathering the Storm”

    Recently, NAFSA’s International Educator magazine published an article entitled “Weathering the Storm” by Susan Ladika, which spotlighted some of the challenges that IEPs are facing across the US with enrollment

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  • Adding value to IEP program offerings

    According to a story by Study Travel Magazine, INTO University Partnerships is launching two new programs: A blended “Academic English” (AE) program that combines face-to-face learning with online study, with

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  • American IEP enrollment declined in 2016

    New Open Doors IEP numbers released

    At last week’s NAFSA annual conference in Los Angeles, the Institute for International Education (IIE) released the 2016 data on┬ástudent mobility trends for intensive English programs. At the NAFSA session

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  • Our list of recruitment resources is live!

    In the summer of 2016, an IEP administrator reached out to the EnglishUSA listserv. She had just been put in charge of her IEP’s recruitment activities, and, since she didn’t

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  • Research: More Universities are Working with Agents

    Partnerships with agents are among the more controversial student recruitment strategies in International Education. Between 2011 and 2013, the discussion heated up due to proposed recommendations by NACAC related to whether schools should be paying commissions to agents; however, since NACAC clarified its position on the issue in 2013 and 2014, it seemed that American universities would take the opportunity to enter into these types of relationships. Bridge Education Group and Student-Marketing Youth Travel Consultancy released a survey in 2016 to attempt to estimate the pace of adoption of these partnerships among American HEIs. This post provides some background on the issue, as well as links to the research and a brief discussion of some of its key findings.

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NAFSA 2016 Conference: My Top 5 List

It was great to be back at the NAFSA Annual Conference again after last year’s maternity leave-related hiatus. Familiar faces, fantastic sessions, great connections–there are so many reasons to love this conference! Here are a few of the aspects of the conference that I enjoyed the most this year.