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The PIE Insider: Viet Nam

Some updated numbers on the Vietnamese study abroad industry, courtesy of Dr. Mark Ashwill,

An International Educator in Viet Nam

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Since many of the facts and figures in this Viet Nam update are outdated, below is my (more up-to-date) information, where necessary and available, including sources and some comments.


youth population breakdown (revised)Youth Population Breakdown (2015):  This up-to-date information is from the CIA World Factbook for Viet Nam.

Adjusted PCIAdjusted National PCI (2014):  The most up-to-date information from the World Bank is $2,111.10 (for 2015).

PPP PCIGDP PPP PCI (2014):  A more recent figure, which reflects how rapidly the economy is growing and therefore the ability to pay for big ticket items like overseas study, is $6,000 (2015), from the CIA World Factbook – Viet Nam

mobile tertiaryNumber of Internationally Mobile Tertiary Students (2013):  There is more up-to-date information.  For example, there are nearly 110,000 Vietnamese students in the top 5 host countries alone, including Japan, the USA, Australia, China, and Singapore – in descending order. Even in 2013, there were an

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