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More on SEVP Conditional Admissions Guidance

Just a quick post today to revisit the subject of the SEVP final guidance on conditional admissions.

Today, ICEF Monitor published an article about the guidance, and it looks like I was quoted regarding the perception of Chinese students and their families that they cannot get F-1 visas for ESL only (i.e., they think they need at least a conditional admission to a university). I just wanted to share the article on my blog, as it is pretty interesting and it shows that the conversation surrounding this issue continues.

On a related note, I’m at the EducationUSA Forum in DC this week. Overall, it has been excellent, with the exception of a session that was held this morning: “Hot Topics in SEVP and Student Visas.”

The presenters sped right over the conditional admissions guidance and all other policy information because they had really limited time. To top it off, the Department of State consular officer literally read her presentation to us (and it was filled with info that we already knew and could get from online searches). She even had anticipated certain questions and had written out answers to them in advance.

It all felt a little condescending, especially considering the fact that SEVP and DOS have a track record of doing wonderful presentations and outreach on these types of topics. Little time was left over for questions–and, of course, several of the questions were related to conditional admissions. We appreciate the outreach, SEVP and DOS, but this should probably be done differently in the future.


In any case, the conversation continues about conditional admissions, and it will be interesting to see if more clarification on this topic is released and to see how educational institutions adjust.

FYI – according to the SEVP policy analyst this morning, pathways guidance is due out later this year.


By Nadia Redman

I'm a fan of "everything international:" travel, meeting people of other cultures, speaking foreign languages, cross-cultural communication, international business and marketing, etc. I'm also a bit of a nerd, LOL.

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