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Moving on

Hello to all. It’s been awhile! I apologize for the extended hiatus. Much has happened over the past couple of years. We have both had many changes in our lives, personally and professionally.

International education, as an industry, has also been experiencing massive changes — especially when it comes to recruiting international students to study English in the USA. This has led us to pursue new branches of our respective career paths that have led us away from writing new content for this site.

The reason for this post is to give you an update, and to bring this blog (in its current state) to a close — at least, for now.

The biggest news is that we have both left the University of Delaware ELI to pursue the next chapter of our careers in different institutions — and in different countries. We have taken positions in central recruitment offices, promoting university degree study as well as their language programs. While Amanda remains in the United States, I have transitioned to a position in Quebec, Canada, recruiting for a Francophone university.

ESL recruitment remains a passion and an endeavor that is near and dear to our hearts. However, with the many significant challenges that we are all facing in this industry, our professional energies have been completely focused on “weathering the storm” (a little reference to our last post) over the past few years, leaving little time to dedicate to this site.

As the founder of Wanted: ESL Students, I have decided to put this site — at least in its current form — on hold, for now. I don’t want to close the door completely, as one never knows when inspiration (or a great story) will strike!

Thank you for reading and for occasionally contacting us. I am going to leave the site open, as it has helpful resources on it (which I will update and add to from time to time). The contact form will also continue to work, for those who are inclined to get in touch.

Wishing the best to you and your colleagues in the field!

By Nadia Redman

I'm a fan of "everything international:" travel, meeting people of other cultures, speaking foreign languages, cross-cultural communication, international business and marketing, etc. I'm also a bit of a nerd, LOL.

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