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NAFSA 2016 Conference: My Top 5 List

It was great to be back at the NAFSA Annual Conference again after last year’s maternity leave-related hiatus. Familiar faces, fantastic sessions, great connections–there are so many reasons to love this conference! Here are a few of the aspects of the conference that I enjoyed the most this year.

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NAFSA 2014 Conference: My Top 5 List

Another year, another enjoyable NAFSA conference! This year’s conference took place in San Diego, California and attracted 9,937 participants. I heard rumors that it was the biggest NAFSA conference ever. I’m not sure if that point has been verified, but it was definitely clear that there were many “NAFSAns” roaming the halls of the San Diego Convention Center last week!   Reflecting

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My First Facebook Campaign – Part 3: Sponsored Stories

This is the latest post in my Facebook advertising series. Click here to read Part 1: Pros & Cons Click here to read Part 2: Addressing the Challenges Today’s post focuses on another form of Facebook advertising that I tried over the past few weeks: Sponsored Stories. What is a sponsored story? A sponsored story is any photo or text

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