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Moving on

Hello to all. It’s been awhile! I apologize for the extended hiatus. Much has happened over the past couple of years. We have both had many changes in our lives, personally and professionally. International education, as an industry, has also been experiencing massive changes — especially when it comes to recruiting international students to study […]

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Our list of recruitment resources is live!

In the summer of 2016, an IEP administrator reached out to the EnglishUSA listserv. She had just been put in charge of her IEP’s recruitment activities, and, since she didn’t have a background in marketing and recruitment, she wasn’t sure where to begin. She requested that members provide her with advice about resources that she […]

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BSMP: It’s Over

It’s official: the Brazilian Scientific Mobility Program (BSMP) – also known as Science without Borders/Ciencia sem Fronteras – has been canceled by the Brazilian government. | See ICEF Monitor article ➤ Let’s face it: we have known that things were going in this direction. With the tumultuous political scene in Brazil, the the devaluation of […]


Update from Nadia

Providing a quick update about relocation to Orlando, FL and upcoming work/travel plans.