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New Series: Trump policies vs. International Education

Recently, I posted a link on my Facebook page and Twitter feed to share NAFSA‘s release of the latest data from their International Student Economic Value Tool. The EVT is basically a study that NAFSA does each year to provide an idea of the economic contribution that each international student makes to his/her local community, showing the data at state

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My First Facebook Campaign – Part 3: Sponsored Stories

This is the latest post in my Facebook advertising series. Click here to read Part 1: Pros & Cons Click here to read Part 2: Addressing the Challenges Today’s post focuses on another form of Facebook advertising that I tried over the past few weeks: Sponsored Stories. What is a sponsored story? A sponsored story is any photo or text

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My First Facebook Ad Campaign – Part 1: Pros and Cons

I recently tried to use Facebook ads for the first time in order to promote a Legal English program for my employer. The results? Mixed. A couple of notes before reading my entry below: This posting refers to the “right column” and “newsfeed” Facebook ads–and not the sponsored stories (more on that later); This was my first ad campaign on

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