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“Why is it a great time to recruit from Brazil?”

Julio Ronchetti is the President of FPP EduMedia, a company that organizes international student recruitment events worldwide. Based in Brazil, Julio has observed the economic and political issues that the country has been facing, and he has gained his own perspective on how they affect the work that we do every day in this industry. He recently penned the following message, which provides interesting “food for thought” on the state of the Brazilian international education market, as he sees it.

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Of Smoke, Mirrors, & Educational Consultants

Originally posted on An International Educator in Viet Nam:
I continue to document and add to my rather lengthy inventory the many ways in which educational consulting companies cheat their clients and partners.  This began with an article I wrote in 12/14 for University World News entitled Walking the walk – Ethical agency-based recruitment. Here’s…